looking for advice on installing ubuntu os

Andy Boersma andy at boersma.ca
Sun Feb 8 16:51:58 UTC 2009

Hi Kevin

You are booting from the CD?
Ubuntu runs (its slow)
Under system/administration/Synaptic package manager

Has Gparted been installed?
If not please install. (if cannot install make sure you are connected to 
Start Gparted remove all partitions from HDD and then try to install.


kevin liscombe wrote:
> i downloaded ubuntu 8.10 and followed the imaging burn instructions. 
> when i try to install onto hard drive from clean boot unbuntu boots 
> but when prompted to install or any of the options i get "problem with 
> disk" window and my only option is to click reboot button provided. 
> yet if i put disk in working computer to explore the ubuntu os 
> everything is there or looks to be. any suggestions on how to install 
> this os to make it the os on the hard drive.

Andy Boersma
andy at boersma.ca
(647) 244-2460

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