Canadian Gov RFI on FOSS

Pedro I. Sanchez psanchez at
Thu Feb 5 14:11:23 UTC 2009

Corey Burger wrote:
> Seems our Government is asking "Industry" to send it information about
> FOSS and has put out an RFI about it:
> I propose we (as ubuntu-ca) write up a response and send it off under
> the name of Ubuntu Canada. We can be sure that MS and all the little
> lobby groups are going to do so, so getting in there soon is a good
> thing.
> Thoughts?
> Corey

This is a good idea. We shouldn't allow the worst to happen ... no 
answers at all or just answers from the "wrong side of the river."

I'd like to help on this. We can at the very least use a Wiki somewhere, 
Ubuntu's or any other. I offer to setup a wiki in my hosting server in 
no time just for the purposes of this exercise. I also have a Drupal 
server already running and doing nothing, we can use it as well. Any 
other ideas?


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