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Pedro I. Sanchez psanchez at
Thu Aug 6 01:34:49 UTC 2009

Doug Stewart wrote:
> Well I finally solved this problem for me.
> Here is the full story
> quote from earlier email
> "
> Here is the background details:
> I was running ubuntu 8.4 for 1 year and had all working OK. My daughter 
> bought a laptop for University stuff so we put ubuntu 9.04  on it. (she 
> /we love ubuntu). Then I decided to upgrade to 9.04 on my desk top 
> computer. I read the instructions to upgrade to 8.10 and then to 9.04, 
> and I did that.
> Since the upgrade and never before the upgrade, the machine has randomly 
> crashed in a frozen state, like it is in an infinite loop.
> If I am watching a video the sound goes funny then stops and the screen 
> freezes and there is no keyboard response. the Box temperature goes up 
> slowly like the CPU is working at 100%.
> Without Firefox running it does not freeze. It seems to be related to 
> videos on firefox.
> "
> I had 3 partitions on the hard drive XP , ubuntu64 and ubuntu32
> I decided to sacrifice the ubuntu64 set up and install a fresh version 
> of u32 9.04 on that partition.  In doing it I decided not to reformat 
> and just do a install over what was there! This was a mistake, as it 
> worked but crashed quite often with firefox. I then did it again but I 
> formatted it this time.
>  During  installation I had to do the safe video mode so that I could 
> see the screen. and after installation tried firefox and  a video and 
> all seemed OK. I then did all the upgrades and installed the video 
> driver. Now it crashed!!!! Since I had  had no way of knowing which 
> upgrade had introduced the problem I started all over again
> On this attempt, after installation, I tried firefox again and it was 
> OK. I then installed the video driver   " NVIDIA ...(version 
> 180)[Recomended]  " and now it was crashing again. But since this was 
> the only change, I knew I was getting close!!!
> I then tried " NVIDIA ...(version 96)  ", and the crashing stopped!!!!
> I then installed all the upgrades, and all was good.
> I nexed rebooted into my older installation of U32 9.04 and just chaned 
> the video driver
> to " NVIDIA ...(version 96)  " and all is well   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-)
> I wish I had tried this first :-(
> To document this fully I should post the info about my video card but I 
> have forgoten the command the show this info.
> Would someone help me with this.
> Doug

lspci|grep -i vga


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