OpenOffice text boxes?

Andy Leeman andy at
Thu Sep 25 12:00:37 UTC 2008

   Oops, I should have said, simply go to Insert > Frame, not Floating
Frame. I've sent you another one with no frames for the page. The
first one, I inadvertently added the frames when I set the page to a 2
column layout. There is one little quirk, I found of the frames. When
you have the frame selected, that is the handles are visible and you
can stretch it, you cannot enter text into it. You have to click
elsewhere on the page, then click ONCE inside the frame and you can
start typing text. A simple thing, but it baffled me for a few

> Interesting. I notice that all three example docs I've been sent so
> far use floating frames as part of a larger set of frames that
> basically take up the entire page.
> Is there no way to do *just* a floating chunk of text? OOo allows
> images to float over anything, with padding, anchors, flow and such
> set per-image. Does OOo really have no way to do this for text without
> using frames for the *entire* document?
> I'm asking because the doc that needs pullquotes is already 15 pages
> long, quite highly formatted already, and the thought of having to
> re-do the whole underpinnings of the thing makes me cringe.
> Also, if you just go Insert->Floating Frame in a regular page, it
> wants a file to pull the fill-text from, which is a whole level of
> complexity I DO not want...

Andy Leeman
Londonderry NS

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