Pull quotes.

Alfred alfred.s at nexicom.net
Sat Sep 20 09:33:39 UTC 2008

Hi Brian:

No Sitar Music in the Background, I'm not a Guru! 

OK you could make the Pull Quote as a Graphic, in Open Office Draw. Then
just insert the Graphic where it needs to go.

Often another Font is used in Pull Quotes, and the size is bigger, so
you just stick in a Graphic, until Open Office gets this Functionality
working real Good.

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Any OOo gurus around? I'm trying to do pull quote-style text boxes in
OpenOffice Write, and being defeated.

OOo can set up graphics with text flowing around them, but I can't see
a way to do a discrete box of text with the same properties.

I'm sure it exists, but neither the web nor OOo's own help files are
actually being helpful.

Quick illustration of what I want, see the graphic here:



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