About the Green Party...

Paul Gallaway pgallaway at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 19:43:32 UTC 2008

> As I have already mentioned with someone off list.  My main concern with
> the Green Party is not their platform, but the fact their platform is
> very similar to that of the NDP.  They are essentially taking away votes
> from the NDP and handing them to the two governments that are not very
> open minded to Free and Open Source Software; Liberals and the
> Conservatives.

And the NDP are taking away votes from the Liberals by having
overlapping priorities but this arguement is going to quickly go
(more?) OT...

It's not about party platforms, it's about having leadership that is
willing to listen to constituents. I think all of the parties have
some MPs willing to walk the line for her/his constituents. The other
piece of the problem is educating those leaders and the population
about the benefits of Open Standards. I believe that we don't see
these policies because people, including our politicians/leaders don't
understand the issues. The ire raised by the Facebook [anti?]
copyright group is a good example of how a technical issue can be
brought to the attention of the general public. Open Standards (... &
FLOSS) aren't in most party platforms because the people working for
the parties don't realize it is an issue. Just ask your friends (ones
not on this list...), your parents, your neighbours what they think
about it. If you get a response that isn't a blank stare I'd be very

This isn't going to happen overnight, certainly not before the
election. Every time you can't access a gov't web site send your MP an
email and raise a stink. Every time the CBC posts a video that's only
accessible with Windows ask your MP and the CBC why public money is
going to something that isn't available to all people. A vote for any
MP is a vote for a platform, not one issue. If YOU don't talk to your
MP, even if you didn't vote for her/him, your MP owes YOU nothing but
the mandate of her/his party platform. As users/developers/people who
understand this issue, it's up to us to make Open Standards an issue
for the political parties, whether it's election time or not and
whether we're for Greens or CPC.

The earlier comments about Open Standards were very well thought out
and something I personally hadn't considered and I thank Michael for
bringing up those arguements.

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