Ubuntu users in Ontario, Canada?

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Tue Jun 24 03:03:10 UTC 2008

I don't have a "search" in my toolbar in Ubuntu so I'm not sure what that refers to.

I did go to the Joomla website and download the installer, un-ZIP it and then......when I double-click on INSTALL.php, Firefox opens it.

And re-opens, and re-reopens......in other words, it doesn't install - it just wastes my time.

I don't mind books - in fact I prefer books - I'm very much a book-hound! I have an old british history book from 1704 and when the Antique Roadshow hit Toronto back in 98, they verified it's authenticity for me!

But these days I have no money.....after feeding the kids, paying the mortgage, the bills, insurance, gas, etc.....you know.....and our local library has diddly-squat on computers.

So when I ask on the https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu website, the majority of my answers come back from hard-core users, or maybe worse - programmers! Not very useful, sadly.

I don't get paid unless I produce - and I don't have the luxury of money or time to be able to afford to go to courses or buy books on this stuff. Heck, just being able to afford gas these days is a challenge enough!

Is it too much to ask to get answers that are good for "regular" folks or professionals? I'm never going to learn all of this configuration language, I just need it to work so I can set it up over at the farm for the mushroom business as well as for my own personal stuff hosted from my computer at home.



You don't have to go through the whole Synaptic list, in the tool bar is
"search", then you type in Joomla, and if you had updated the list
"reload", then you might find things in minutes. It will do a search
what you are looking for. I'm not sure what Joomla is, and don't have
the time right now to find out! 

There is quite a bit of stuff there in the Synaptic List, but it is
Categorized too, so scroll down the list of Categories, and then the
list is not so big. If you use the "ALL" list, it is Very Big!

Things can get broken when you start to install stuff, from outside the

I used to be a Windblows person too, but now I don't use Winders any
more! There was always too much pressure to buy a new computer every
week, or a new operating system, when the next version of a game
demanded it! There were always all kinds of Mal-ware inserted, and
Vulnerabilities that were not patched fast enough. Always all kinds of
Panic Attacks about the New Virus, starting up. A new computer would
start acting very slow, very fast with all the Patches on top of Patches
on top of Patches, on top of Patches. You don't want Linux to be like
that do you? ;-) 

There are a few Good Books you can get on Ubuntu, and even quite a list
of Tutorial Web sites, if Books are not you Cuppa tea. 

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I finally found something on how to install Joomla. But it only confirms
my problem.

I do have PHP5 and MySql installed (by the Synaptic.....by golly there's
too much to choose from, this list should be pared down for us non-Linux
folk! It's WAY too much useless information to pick and guess through).

I've restarted the computer to make sure whatever got installed would be
"done" - typical Windows thing but what else can you do!

I still cannot install Joomla, I still get the same repetition of what
to do with PHP files, open with Firefox or Save to disk. I click Open
and it just repeats.

How come these things aren't geared for ex-Windows users? Don't the
people at Ubuntu realize that by putting Ubuntu on Dell computers, this
invites a whole community of non-Linux people to the software which is
so stupefyingly complex to comprehend.

I'm not an uneducated person - I have a degree in electronics
engineering - but my knowledge is in electronics hardware - not in
software at all. I never touch software in my work an an engineer, but
I'm a hardware specialist, particularly in Analog electronics design,
but not simulated Analog circuits in software - the old fashioned way,
even in my head is the best way. I have my own home lab too.

So you can imagine how frustrating this makes me feel. And insulted.
Imagine an average high-school educated person trying all of this out,
what their experience would be like! They would never touch Linux again.

But sadly nobody listens, even on the Ubuntu forum
answers.launchpad.net, it seems to be geared towards a
computer-programmer culture which is a HUGE drawback and will definitely
prevent the successful spread of Linux.

This kind of stuff has to be ported successfully - away from the
influence of Linux  culture and enthusiasts - so professionals and
regular folk who aren't programmers, and who simply don't have the
knowledge or time to spend on learning this stuff can still make good
use of it at home or at work. The computer is supposed to do the work
after all but some of this software makes you wonder what you bought a
microprocessor for.

I've been using Ubuntu for over a year now. But there are times when I
get so frustrated and tired of this programming lingo that I just want
to give it up and go back to Windows (or preferably Mac).

Enough said on that....

I still can't make any use at all of this Joomla stuff and certainly
from my experience on the launchpad forum, any attempt to even
understand what "htacess" is all about, well that's just for
people who
live and breathe computers - I'm just trying to use mine and simply
don't have the time to turn it into an on-going lab experiment. The kids
use it, my wife uses it - it can't be turned into an on-going

What am I supposed to do? Please advise? I still need a usable solution
but something that is aimed at "more stupid" people who come from a
Windows or Mac environment, something that will let me get the job done
- configure the computer properly without guesswork, and not waste my
time on stuff that should already have been done by the software.


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