Ubuntu Installation.

Andrew Mathenge mathenge at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 04:51:06 UTC 2008

Hi Alex,

Perhaps the CD device driver isn't being loaded at boot time. The PC
will boot from the CD but it will drop you to a busybox command prompt
if the CD device drivers aren't loaded.

At the command prompt, try the following. Type:

modprobe ide_generic
modprobe ide_disk
modprobe ide_cd

Once you type exit, the system will attempt to continue booting from the CD.


On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 9:48 PM, alex allison <alli562 at telus.net> wrote:
>  From alex allison.
> Date November 30 at 18.23hrs.
> e-mail alli563 at telus.net
> Hello.
> I would appreciate some help with my cd installation.
> I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS.I have a computer which I built
> myself.Asus board,A8N5X,Bios -Phoenix,Processor-AMD Athlon
> 64,Memory-1.5gigabytes,and a 160gigabyt HD.
> I received the CD through the post.I have made numerous attempts to
> install.No luck.When I play the CD,I get a three choices.I picked the
> first choice-Install.I then get a progress window.The orange indicator
> goes from left to right and back again,followed by a graphic window
> showing a choice of languages,Highlight English and press enter.I have
> tried letting the timer run out.Both times I get a window showing,Busy
> Box v1.1.3.Typing in "Help",I get a whole lot of commands.They are
> meaningless to me,and I cannot progress from here. I have to physically
> shutdown the computer.The install instruction show a lot of graphics
> which are not showing up in mine.
> What am I doing wrong?
> Thank you,
> Alex.
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