Ubuntu Installation.

Alfred alfred.s at nexicom.net
Sun Dec 7 15:45:59 UTC 2008

Might be that the Install disk you are using is 32 Bit. If it is an
official Ubuntu Disk or DVD it may be Dual Layer one side is 32 bit the
other is 64 Bit. It you have problems with Graphics, or your monitor
will not show the splash screen, try Choice number two from that first
menu. If you are using an Nvidia or ATI AGP card, then try to use the on
board Graphics first, do the install with that, and then after the
install put your AGP card back in, then things will run smoothly. It
will detect the card and then get the driver for it. on a few versions
of Ubuntu I had simialr problems like what you have.

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I would appreciate some help with my cd installation.
I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS.I have a computer which I built 
myself.Asus board,A8N5X,Bios -Phoenix,Processor-AMD Athlon 
64,Memory-1.5gigabytes,and a 160gigabyt HD.
I received the CD through the post.I have made numerous attempts to 
install.No luck.When I play the CD,I get a three choices.I picked the 
first choice-Install.I then get a progress window.The orange indicator 
goes from left to right and back again,followed by a graphic window 
showing a choice of languages,Highlight English and press enter.I have 
tried letting the timer run out.Both times I get a window showing,Busy 
Box v1.1.3.Typing in "Help",I get a whole lot of commands.They are 
meaningless to me,and I cannot progress from here. I have to physically 
shutdown the computer.The install instruction show a lot of graphics 
which are not showing up in mine.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,

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