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Duda Nogueira dudanogueira at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 19:57:59 UTC 2008

This autopano piece of software is kind of a front end for this:


I got good results running it on top wine. With heavy photos!

And look! It was created by some Britsh Columbia guys! :)

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On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 10:38 PM, Alfred <alfred.s at nexicom.net> wrote:

> Hi:
> I have Hugin on my Confuser, but, it needs to know details, that even my
> Camera Manufacturer DXG, does not know, to make use of it. Where as this
> Auto Pano Program, just looks at all the pictures on file, and then
> works out which ones form Panoramas, all on it's own, even if you didn't
> intentionally shoot those picture groupings as Panoramas, and even
> figures out stuff like different Sky effects in the pictures, to make
> the final result look as if it was the original picture, taken as a
> panorama. Moving things are made to look like they are stationary. It
> also enhances the depth of the picture, the vertical straightness of
> Buildings. It rotates things , if need be, to get a better view of them.
> This is not just some run of the mill Special Effect only Panorama
> Program, according to it's Blurb. It appears to be a Compendium of
> Special effects, that Combine to make a much better 3-D Panorama
> Programme. I had a few on Windows, but they were not that great. This
> one just may be "Light Years Ahead!" It's nice the Company has Windows,
> MAC and Linux on the Install CD. I might just give it a try, because
> Hugin is great for some Photo - Rocket Scientist that knows much more
> than the Original Camera Designer did a regular Pater Nostra, but for
> most people, it's nice to have some Wizard Capability. One touch
> enhancement features. Easy to use and get Excellent Results with.
> When I was using Windows, I used Serif Apps a whole Bunch, now they are
> working to port them to Linux. Instead of Colour Swatches, to paste in
> -hard to edit stuff, there are Sliders for setting things up just the
> way you always wanted them to be, before you insert them. Just like Open
> Office you can publish as PDF, or HTML, or Text types. HTML is done with
> WYSIWYG and the Code is Generated "after" you Publish, which I find
> helpful, because I learnt HTML 2,4, CSS and then all these other things
> marched in, so I'd be spending Decades learning it all and keeping up
> with what is Deprecated, and New, and never getting to use it to do
> something. So let the Confuser Wizard this, and the New version, makes
> use of all the changes in everything HTML. I don't get Mushroom Brain :)
> from learning all the little details, that may already change in the
> next week! Then I can Edit that and add, extras like, Animated
> Characters, that speak the Web Site, much like M$ Agent Characters, and
> the Software makes sure that it is all correct, and up to date, and I
> can just Create- not getting Bogged down in all kinds of code details.
> This is what having a good piece of Software does for you - It makes
> things easier to do! DOS was Difficult, then Windows came along -
> Easier! Then Linux Came Along - Not so Corruptible! Auto Pano Easier to
> use! Hugin Lots of little adjustments, but if you got lots of photos to
> do, very time consuming!
> Alfred! Somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere???? :)
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> Jack Bowling wrote:
> > You can get autopano ability in the open source Hugin:
> >
> > sudo apt-get install hugin
> >
> > Check the help file for details on which parts of the software are
> > restricted by software patents.
> >
> > Jack Bowling
> > PG
> >
> True, the pano ability exists in a lot of software choices (Hugin
> included). but the pano stitching abilities of AutoPano Pro are
> breathtaking and IMHO light years ahead of the alternatives.
> Frank in Mississauga
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