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Alfred alfred.s at nexicom.net
Tue Dec 2 00:38:31 UTC 2008

I have Hugin on my Confuser, but, it needs to know details, that even my
Camera Manufacturer DXG, does not know, to make use of it. Where as this
Auto Pano Program, just looks at all the pictures on file, and then
works out which ones form Panoramas, all on it's own, even if you didn't
intentionally shoot those picture groupings as Panoramas, and even
figures out stuff like different Sky effects in the pictures, to make
the final result look as if it was the original picture, taken as a
panorama. Moving things are made to look like they are stationary. It
also enhances the depth of the picture, the vertical straightness of
Buildings. It rotates things , if need be, to get a better view of them.
This is not just some run of the mill Special Effect only Panorama
Program, according to it's Blurb. It appears to be a Compendium of
Special effects, that Combine to make a much better 3-D Panorama
Programme. I had a few on Windows, but they were not that great. This
one just may be "Light Years Ahead!" It's nice the Company has Windows,
MAC and Linux on the Install CD. I might just give it a try, because
Hugin is great for some Photo - Rocket Scientist that knows much more
than the Original Camera Designer did a regular Pater Nostra, but for
most people, it's nice to have some Wizard Capability. One touch
enhancement features. Easy to use and get Excellent Results with.

When I was using Windows, I used Serif Apps a whole Bunch, now they are
working to port them to Linux. Instead of Colour Swatches, to paste in
-hard to edit stuff, there are Sliders for setting things up just the
way you always wanted them to be, before you insert them. Just like Open
Office you can publish as PDF, or HTML, or Text types. HTML is done with
WYSIWYG and the Code is Generated "after" you Publish, which I find
helpful, because I learnt HTML 2,4, CSS and then all these other things
marched in, so I'd be spending Decades learning it all and keeping up
with what is Deprecated, and New, and never getting to use it to do
something. So let the Confuser Wizard this, and the New version, makes
use of all the changes in everything HTML. I don't get Mushroom Brain :)
from learning all the little details, that may already change in the
next week! Then I can Edit that and add, extras like, Animated
Characters, that speak the Web Site, much like M$ Agent Characters, and
the Software makes sure that it is all correct, and up to date, and I
can just Create- not getting Bogged down in all kinds of code details.
This is what having a good piece of Software does for you - It makes
things easier to do! DOS was Difficult, then Windows came along -
Easier! Then Linux Came Along - Not so Corruptible! Auto Pano Easier to
use! Hugin Lots of little adjustments, but if you got lots of photos to
do, very time consuming!


Alfred! Somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere???? :)

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Jack Bowling wrote: 
> You can get autopano ability in the open source Hugin:
> sudo apt-get install hugin
> Check the help file for details on which parts of the software are
> restricted by software patents.
> Jack Bowling
> PG
True, the pano ability exists in a lot of software choices (Hugin
included). but the pano stitching abilities of AutoPano Pro are
breathtaking and IMHO light years ahead of the alternatives.

Frank in Mississauga

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