Unable to print to network bizhub c352

Az alt69 at rogers.com
Wed Aug 20 15:25:52 UTC 2008

Hi, in need of some printing help. 

Yesterday there was blackout which resulted in everything going down. Once
everything have been restarted, I am no longer able to print or use the
scanning function of my Konica Bizhub c352 (c352).  I have had the
photocopier printing and the ability to scan for over 5 months without
making any changes. One note, the ip address changed after the power outage.
I have now changed the ip address to, as the server came up
with the photocopier ip address.
  (still learning about setting up servers properly)

Using Ubuntu 7.10 with latest patches. I run the gui interface on the

What I can do:

- on a WinXp laptop, I am able to get the Konica Pagescope utilities at
   - I am able to change the settings on the photocopier.
- able to get to the SAMBA share on the server from all desktops.

What I can't do.
- on the server, I am not able to get to the Pagescope utilities. 
- I am not able to ping the address from either the server or any other
- not able to print to the c352.
- I am not able to scan from the c352 to the shared folder on the server.

Tried so far:
- changing the ip address on the printer settings on the server.
- port 9100 was the default port when I first installed it, and made sure it
was still set to "ON" on the c352.
- I have deleted the printer and tried creating an new one. Under the device
URI I have 

Is this a patch issue, as I am not sure what I am doing wrong, or what else
to try. Any help would be greatly appreciated as our office is now unable to



PS. Is there anyone in the Burlington, Toronto GTA, ON area for support?


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