Really slow response from Ubuntu LiveCD

Robert Hodgins ehodgins at
Tue Aug 19 15:52:59 UTC 2008

> I have a 128 MB, 80 GB Dell Optiplex GX 110, PIII (500 MHz). I
> originally had Slackware on this machine and it was doing really well
> but since my main desktop/laptop is running Hardy (8.04) I moved that
> desktop to Xubuntu. Even though Xfce is light on resources, the
> Slackware distribution was definitely smoother and faster.
> That machine is now running gentoo 2008. It took four full days to
> install but it flies. Literally flies. I even have X and Blackbox
> installed.

That is really good information. Xubuntu is "useable" but it is clear
that it would be extremely frustrating.

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