Really slow response from Ubuntu LiveCD

Andrew Mathenge mathenge at
Tue Aug 19 15:35:26 UTC 2008

I know this is an Ubuntu group, but I'm going to go ahead and say it.
If you only have 128 MB of RAM, you should probably consider an
alternate distribution. Xubuntu is your best bet if you're looking for
a GUI, however, if you're not interested in a GUI, you should try
getting rid of X altogether. If you plan on using this machine as an
office desktop, for word processing, spreadsheets, etc.. then you will
find life a little tough because X and GNOME (or KDE for that matter)
are quite hard on system resources.

That's why I suggested trying Xubuntu with Xfce.

I have a 128 MB, 80 GB Dell Optiplex GX 110, PIII (500 MHz). I
originally had Slackware on this machine and it was doing really well
but since my main desktop/laptop is running Hardy (8.04) I moved that
desktop to Xubuntu. Even though Xfce is light on resources, the
Slackware distribution was definitely smoother and faster.

That machine is now running gentoo 2008. It took four full days to
install but it flies. Literally flies. I even have X and Blackbox

The Live CD will be slower than a hard disk installation so you really
shouldn't gauge your experience on the Live CD, however the Live CD
will indicate what will work and what wont. I'd expect that if you do
a hard disk install it will be faster than your experience with the
Live CD. How much faster nobody can really tell.


On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 11:17 AM, Robert Hodgins
<ehodgins at> wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-08-19 at 10:50 -0400, andy at wrote:
>> Remember that the old PCs has very slow CD drives.
>> So after installing on the PC it will be faster then the CD
> This really should be a reply to one of the earlier posts, but I deleted
> it. Sorry.
> I downloaded the xubuntu 8.04 alternate CD and installed it on an old
> Gateway Solo 5300 (128 Mb RAM, 700 MHz cpu and 9.59 Gb drive). The
> installation was straight forward with no problems.
> It took 2 minutes from boot up to the login screen and 45 seconds more
> to get to the desktop after logging in. Probably won't want to do that
> too often. ;)
> Opening Abiword took about 40 seconds.
> So, yes you can use xubuntu in 128 Mb.
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