USB drive error

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Fri Aug 15 11:56:07 UTC 2008

I tried that command.  It worked for some of the USB drives.  I am now again
suspecting that my external drive is toast.  I will have to try taking it
out of the external case and see if I can connect it up internally and see
if it works or not.  I'd hate to lose whats on it, but I have previously
backed up what I thought was important on it (pictures, etc).  I may have to
rebuild my music collection, but oh well.

Now, apparently I can't mount one of my internal partitions.  I have a
dual-boot machine with Ubuntu and Vista.  I have a 250gb drive, partitioned
in half, with Ubuntu on one, Vista on the other.  Of course from Ubuntu I
was previously able to mount and see everything on the Vista partition, but
for some reason I now get an error indicating that I don't have the
priveledges to mount it.  The only thing that has changed about the entire
system is that the Vista system has been in use more than it ever has been
(my son has been staying with us, and has been using it).  Normally I boot
to it, run Windows Update and thats the end of it.

I checked my user priveledges to ensure I had the ability to mount such
things, and as far as I can tell I do.  I have all of the existing
priveledges checked-off for my user.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Doooh Head wrote:
> After some recent Ubuntu updates, for some reason my USB drives are 
> all messed up and I'm not sure if one of them is indeed dead or not.
> Initially I thought that it was just dead but after looking at the 
> System Log and seeing the following error I am suspecting something is 
> wrong with my USB drives:
> Aug 14 19:50:46 ECLIPSE kernel: [34283.272231] usb 2-4: new high speed 
> USB device using ehci_hcd and address 59 ...
> Aug 14 19:54:40 ECLIPSE kernel: [34468.837574] usb 2-4: new high speed 
> USB device using ehci_hcd and address 48
> The log is full of those messages.  It appears to be scanning through 
> all of the possible addresses, the address count continually goes from 
> 1
> - 127 then starts over again.
> I have a 500Gb external USB drive, a small thumb drive and various 
> other USB connected devices (mouse, keyboard, printer) including a 
> drive-bay mounted card reader that has slots for various memory card
> Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?


sudo rmmod ehci_hcd

my drive mounted right away.  albeit at USB 1.1 speeds - ouch.

- -d

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