Low power computer

Leigh Honeywell leigh at hypatia.ca
Mon Aug 11 22:43:17 UTC 2008

I wouldn't bother emailing them, Alfred - your browser is wrong as their
certificates are fine.  This has to do with how you haven't been able to
do updates, I think.


Alfred wrote:
> Thank you for this link. I looked at the website of Koolu. Like the idea
> of being able to add up to a Gig of memory. Liked the 80 gig hard drive.
> I tried to buy one from the website, but Firefox sees their checkout as
> a FAKE, so I did not continue with the checkout! The Lock Symbol was
> Broken, and the lettering is in RED for the Web address, of the
> checkout. It contains Unauthenticated Data. Same goes for the PayPal
> Website! Https should be in Green, but it is in Red! I'll try it another
> day, and send them an Email about it!
> Alfred! 
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> A Canadian Solution that comes preinstalled with Ubuntu can be found at
> http://koolu.com/.  

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