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Alfred alfred.s at nexicom.net
Sun Aug 10 01:10:20 UTC 2008

I'm an Electronics Person! I used a Watt Meter! Plugged the computer
into it! The power supply can put out 400 watts, if needed. It's one of
these X connect ones made by Ultra. My CPU running at 100% uses 65 Watts
just by it's self!!

Point Two - I'm using hydro, but not for my LED Lights. I have a small
Windmill, and a Solar Panel and a few Deep Cycle batteries. These run my
LED Lights. They are not connected to the GRID! Thus they do not use

Point Three - LED's if wired properly have a life span of 10 to 20
years. Light bulbs have a life span of sometimes only a few months. So
there is a replacement cost, for them, plus they use 60 watts of Hydro
where my LED Lights use ZERO Watts of Hydro! So I'm getting an ROI right
away, don't have to wait 20 years to get a red cent back!!!

I said mine was 300 watts, so why do you assume it is less! Do you live
in Ontario? Hydro One has a way of making that $6.50 into a lot more
$$$, if it was 120 Watts.

Oh, I didn't ask you for your Financial Advice! Every day I don't use
Hydro Powering my Lights with Alternative Energy, I get return on my
Investment! My Bill went down by $30.00 every Month! 

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At 08:00 AM 8/9/2008, you wrote:
>My confuser is 300 Watts, lets say I go for a 3-5 watt one - I can run
>it for 60 hours to consume what the 300 watt one will do in one hour.
>Last month I used about 1.67 Million Watt Hours doing upgrades, on 7.10
>and 8.04 and 7.10 rc in the same amount of time. With a low power
>computer that figure might have been 27,833 Watt Hours, is that a bit of
>a dent? In Ontario, this politician Mike H. Sold off Hydro to private
>companies. They now have a delivery Charge. Bringing hydro to you. It's
>more than your Electricity usage. I used to use about $9.00 of
>Electricity, but the bill was $92.00 with that delivery and debit
>reduction, and taxes added on! So little by little I'm adding Solar
>Panels, and A-E stuff, and reducing my need for hydro, to save on Solar
>Panel-Battery Costs. Just about all my lights now are LED, not using
>Hydro. With a low Power computer, I can run them on A-E not using hydro!
>So that makes that 27,833 Watt Hours = Zero as far as hydro is
>concerned. That's a bit of a dent! The Solar Panels are a bit expensive,
>as was the windmill and tower, but they pay back in 20 years more than
>they cost! LED lights save about $350.00 each in their life span. They
>don't run on Hydro, don't burn out, make quite a bit of light. 3 Watts
>of LED Warm White light, is equivalent to about 40 watts of Hydro
>Incandescent Light. 540 Watts of outdoor light was replaced with 26
>watts of LED light, that does not use hydro! Windows "whatever" uses
>more Kilowatt Hours, because you need a computer that consumes more.
>Ubuntu can run on this confuser at about 180 Watts instead of 300 Watts.
>7.10 can run on that little computer at about 3 -2 watts it's a bit
>slower, but for most things it's OK! The Stealth one can run the latest
>and greatest OS's but they cost a bit more.
>Answer your Question?

Not really... what do you base your 300 watts figure on?  The rating 
of the power supply?  If so, then you're misunderstanding 
something.  That 300 watt is a *peak* rating.  I've not actually 
measured my consumption, but a quick google suggests that the average 
power consumption of a desktop machine (box, monitor, etc) consumes 
120 watts of power.  So if you were to run your computer 24/7 at that 
average you'd consume 120w x 24hrs x30days/1000 = 86.4 kwh.  Assuming 
cost of electricity at 7 cents per kwh, total cost is $6.05 cents for 
the month.

LED lights don't run on "Hydro"? (I'm assuming here that you're using 
"Hydro" = "electricity".)  And yes, LEDs do have a lifespan.

Oh.. and I don't consider a payback period of 20 years to be a return 
on investment.


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