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There are quite a few of these kinds of confusers:

http://www.agreenpc.com/ is about 6 watts. it's under development.

http://www.fit-pc.com/new/specifications.html  This one runs about 3 - 5
Watts made in Israel 

http://www.stealth.com/littlepc.htm This one comes from the USA in 6
different versions.

There are now several mini's like asus eeepc, and more on the way. They
are hoping for 24 hours of battery life. 

The two watt one you will have to look for with Keywords like Low Power
PC.  It comes from the USA. It's smaller than the fit-PC has the same
sort of Ports, but is a bit limited.

Laptops can be lower Power too, there is a new Standard for them, an
Energy Star thing of 4. I think the little box is the way to go, because
I have all the other stuff, why get a monitor again, with a laptop.

My confuser is 300 Watts, lets say I go for a 3-5 watt one - I can run
it for 60 hours to consume what the 300 watt one will do in one hour.
Last month I used about 1.67 Million Watt Hours doing upgrades, on 7.10
and 8.04 and 7.10 rc in the same amount of time. With a low power
computer that figure might have been 27,833 Watt Hours, is that a bit of
a dent? In Ontario, this politician Mike H. Sold off Hydro to private
companies. They now have a delivery Charge. Bringing hydro to you. It's
more than your Electricity usage. I used to use about $9.00 of
Electricity, but the bill was $92.00 with that delivery and debit
reduction, and taxes added on! So little by little I'm adding Solar
Panels, and A-E stuff, and reducing my need for hydro, to save on Solar
Panel-Battery Costs. Just about all my lights now are LED, not using
Hydro. With a low Power computer, I can run them on A-E not using hydro!
So that makes that 27,833 Watt Hours = Zero as far as hydro is
concerned. That's a bit of a dent! The Solar Panels are a bit expensive,
as was the windmill and tower, but they pay back in 20 years more than
they cost! LED lights save about $350.00 each in their life span. They
don't run on Hydro, don't burn out, make quite a bit of light. 3 Watts
of LED Warm White light, is equivalent to about 40 watts of Hydro
Incandescent Light. 540 Watts of outdoor light was replaced with 26
watts of LED light, that does not use hydro! Windows "whatever" uses
more Kilowatt Hours, because you need a computer that consumes more.
Ubuntu can run on this confuser at about 180 Watts instead of 300 Watts.
7.10 can run on that little computer at about 3 -2 watts it's a bit
slower, but for most things it's OK! The Stealth one can run the latest
and greatest OS's but they cost a bit more. 

We use a Coffee Carafe cuts down on Energy required to keep the Coffee
hot. Little things like this reduce our Hydro bill little by little.
I'm going to be running 3 Confusers in the fall, and a low cost Low
Power one is high on the list, of things to do. Green things seem to
some trendy, but think of it like there will be more "green" in your

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>I'm looking at replacing my computer with one that uses only 2 Watts of
>power. If I can do that, then doing all the downloads over, does not
>make 4 such a Big Dent in my Hydro bill.

Ok.. I'm curious... what computer only runs on 2 watts of 
power?  What kind of "dent" do you think you'll make in your power bill?


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