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Hi d:

Both drives were made by LG, I took the 52 times one out. The other
drive was just put in a few weeks ago. It's brand new. It replaced a
Liteon DVD Drive, I had for a few years. The sources list does not give
you any idea of what may be corrupted. Perhaps there is another
directory to look at that gives that information. I have 8.04 on a thumb
Drive, and I just got a new CD Cut downloading it from Ubuntu.com. {The
Official Version) All the downloads were from the Online repositories,
as the DVD Repositories could not be made use of at that time. If there
is some way of using the Apt Cashe with Synaptic. Then I could wipe the
8.04 that I have, and then do all the upgrades from the previous apt

I'm looking at replacing my computer with one that uses only 2 Watts of
power. If I can do that, then doing all the downloads over, does not
make 4 such a Big Dent in my Hydro bill. I'm also looking at another
High Speed Internet Company, that sells it for less money than dial-up
what, I'm paying now. With high speed, doing all the downloads is not
such a big deal!

If you have some idea of what directory I'd be looking for to find the
corrupted Package information, that might be helpful.

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Alfred wrote:
> Hi: d
> /etc/apt/sources.list file?


> OK hope this is what you wanted!

yup, sadly it looks fine and i'm not sure what else i can do to help you
out.  it sounds like your optical drive may be failing - is there anyone
around there you could borrow another one from?  but you have two - have
you tried this with both of them?

i've seen ubuntu get confused when i've had two optical drives, removed
one, moved the other around the bus, put the second one back in, etc.
etc.  for example every time i run dvd::rip i have to reselect my
optical drive - it continually wants to use /dev/scd1 when no such
device exists in my system anymore (i should really figure out how to
fix that).  perhaps a fresh install with 8.04.1 and only one optical
drive in the system would be worth a try.

using 8.04.1 would cut down on the number of updates you have to install
to get up to speed, perhaps a trip to http://shipit.ubuntu.com would be
worth the effort?

- -d

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