If it is not one thing it's another!

Andrew Mathenge mathenge at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 23:30:22 UTC 2008

I haven't really been following this thread. I had problems with the
upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04. I had to do a "clean install." For me, the
upgrade was a real headache.

I don't know if you're upgrading or doing a clean installation.


On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 12:02 PM, Alfred <alfred.s at nexicom.net> wrote:
> I'm sleep deprived too! Bleary Eyed!
> It said that some of the packages were corrupted! The ones read off the
> DVD's. It gets so far along, and then crashes, as it is reading the
> lists of the Packages off the DVD's, when you open either Add/Remove or
> Synaptic. Most likely caused by Drop outs on the CD's or DVD's. I
> notified the company I bought them from, and they sent me another set,
> but these are the ones I used for add a CD, and now Synaptic Crashes,
> and will not open. ADD/REMOVE will not open! Software sources still
> opens. No Idea where the problem is. 7.10 is working nice.
> a
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> Alfred wrote:
>> Finally I got add a cd to work in 8.04, but now Add/Remove and Synaptic are no longer working, in 8.04.
>> So I'm going to delete 8.04 from my Computer. I'll just use 7.10.
>> I spent all kinds of time trying to get 8.04 working, too much time. The updates break it, code in Firefox breaks it, Binaries from Nvidia break it.
>> It used to be that you could use a computer to be creative.
> pretty frustrated huh?  don't give up yet!  what error do you get from
> synaptic add/remove programs?
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