If it is not one thing it's another!

Alfred alfred.s at nexicom.net
Mon Aug 4 16:02:41 UTC 2008

I'm sleep deprived too! Bleary Eyed!

It said that some of the packages were corrupted! The ones read off the
DVD's. It gets so far along, and then crashes, as it is reading the
lists of the Packages off the DVD's, when you open either Add/Remove or
Synaptic. Most likely caused by Drop outs on the CD's or DVD's. I
notified the company I bought them from, and they sent me another set,
but these are the ones I used for add a CD, and now Synaptic Crashes,
and will not open. ADD/REMOVE will not open! Software sources still
opens. No Idea where the problem is. 7.10 is working nice. 

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Alfred wrote:
> Finally I got add a cd to work in 8.04, but now Add/Remove and Synaptic are no longer working, in 8.04. 
> So I'm going to delete 8.04 from my Computer. I'll just use 7.10.
> I spent all kinds of time trying to get 8.04 working, too much time. The updates break it, code in Firefox breaks it, Binaries from Nvidia break it.
> It used to be that you could use a computer to be creative. 

pretty frustrated huh?  don't give up yet!  what error do you get from
synaptic add/remove programs?

- -d

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