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Allegedly, on Sun, Aug 03, 2008 at 08:40:26AM -0300, Tom Daly stated:
> I run a debian-etch gateway for my house network (K/Xubuntu/XP
> mixture), and want to crank down security a tad.  If anyone has any
> comments/suggestions on this article
> <>
> I'd appreciate hearing from you


You may need to supplement this article above with other
HOWTO's/tutorials/articles.  I notice for example that it doesn't
mention configuring /etc/network/interfaces at all.

The other thing I don't recommend (and this is just my opinion, based on
my own experience) is trying to cook up homemade firewall scripts.  This
topic is complicated enough, and there are a lot of subtle details that
create opportunities for security issues.  If "security" is a concern,
and it should be, I say leave firewalls to the professionals: find a
good 'firewall script' that allows you to specify what you want at a
higher level, and then the script will crank out the proper set of
iptables rules.  Two examples of firewall scripts are:
- - shorewall (no GUI, just edit some text files according to the
  excellent documentation).
- - firehol (same, no GUI).

The firewall needs to be set up carefully, methodically, and with
attention to detail.  Once it is in place it will handle the
ipmasq/NAT/port forwarding (different people use different terms)

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