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I've only caught the part of this thread that's below. I don't know how
this discussion started but looks like some very misleading information
based on hearsay.

All operating systems have hardware compatibility issues. More for some
less for others. Windows has a wide range of device support but I've also
seen it fail to recognise a network card, especially during OS upgrades.
That's why vendors have a HCL.

Ubuntu has excellent hardware support, less than Windows, but how much
less I can't say. I've installed Ubuntu on Dell laptops without issue. On
ThinkPads (not the new Lenovo ones) without issue.

However, I have an Acer Aspire AMD 64-bit machine that I've been struggling
to get wireless networking to function using the 64-bit version of Ubuntu.
Windows XP works perfectly on this machine.

Lastly... I'm still wondering about the point of that statement about
your job on "random computer parts." I suspect that anyone who has used
Linux long enough and is willing to propose Linux for a corporate job has
way more sense than that paragraph implies.

On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 11:49 AM, Paul Baranowski <paul at>

> See below for reply...
> Andy Leeman wrote:
> >>  From: Paul Baranowski <paul at>
> >>   * Pre-installed codes and fonts
> >
> > You install extra fonts? You might be violating copyright if you are
> > installing the MS core fonts without a windows license. By codes, do
> > you mean media codecs, like for DVD, Xvid, Divx, wmv, MP3 and such?
> Yes, codecs so that you can play media files.
> >>  Here is a list of things which may not work under Linux if you buy any
> random
> >>  computer (I know because I've been testing the parts):
> >>   * Motherboard (suspend/hibernate)
> >>   * DVD drive (suspend/hibernate)
> >>   * Hard drive (suspend/hibernate)
> >>   * 3D graphics card
> >>   * Ethernet port
> >>   * Webcam
> >>   * Wireless card
> >>   * Printer
> >>
> >>  In short, you are only guaranteed your processor and RAM will work.
> >
> > Say WHAT? That's pretty misleading, some odd hardware isn't going to
> > work in Windows either, especially Vista. But Ethernet, hard drive and
> > DVD drive? I have had to install proprietary drivers on windows for
> > ethernet cards, but in about 50 installs, I've NEVER had DVD HD or
> > ethernet not work in Ubuntu. How would you install ANYTHING if these
> > didn't work, LOL? I wish you great luck in promoting Ubuntu, but don't
> > misleadingly dis the vanilla Ubuntu. I thinks it's got GREAT hardware
> > support. I agree 3D graphics, wireless  and webcams can be a problem,
> > but not the core components.
> Most DVD drives I've tested prevent either hibernate or suspend from
> working.
> It's the same for motherboards.  Hard drive is much less common, but does
> happen
> once in a blue moon.  All those components that didnt work are lying dead
> on my
> shelf right now because they failed to pass this test.
> Ubuntu does have great hardware support...for Linux.  But up until now I
> havent
> been able to recommend it to my friends, family, or co-workers because I
> know
> that if they were to go buy random computer parts and stick them in their
> computer, those parts have a good chance of not working.  Then they would
> say
> "Linux sucks because my wireless card doesnt work".  And then they would
> go back
> to using windows.  But now I have no problem recommending it to them
> because I
> know exactly what works and what doesnt, and they have a place to go to
> get the
> computer or component they need (plug: Big Box Linux).
> Or you might try to convince your boss that you should be using Linux for
> your
> web application/development platform.  Are you willing to bet your job and
> your
> company that buying any random computer parts are going to work 100% the
> first
> time you try them?  Are you willing to explain to your boss why you are a
> week
> behind because the hardware you thought would work with Linux didnt and
> you had
> to reorder new parts (and pray that those new parts work)?
> Businesses dont want something that /might/ work, they want something they
> know
> will work the first time and not have to mess with it.  Time is money.
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