Big Box Linux (Paul Baranowski)

Andy Leeman andy at
Wed Apr 9 01:04:03 UTC 2008

>  From: Paul Baranowski <paul at>
>   * Pre-installed codes and fonts

You install extra fonts? You might be violating copyright if you are
installing the MS core fonts without a windows license. By codes, do
you mean media codecs, like for DVD, Xvid, Divx, wmv, MP3 and such?

>  Here is a list of things which may not work under Linux if you buy any random
>  computer (I know because I've been testing the parts):
>   * Motherboard (suspend/hibernate)
>   * DVD drive (suspend/hibernate)
>   * Hard drive (suspend/hibernate)
>   * 3D graphics card
>   * Ethernet port
>   * Webcam
>   * Wireless card
>   * Printer
>  In short, you are only guaranteed your processor and RAM will work.

Say WHAT? That's pretty misleading, some odd hardware isn't going to
work in Windows either, especially Vista. But Ethernet, hard drive and
DVD drive? I have had to install proprietary drivers on windows for
ethernet cards, but in about 50 installs, I've NEVER had DVD HD or
ethernet not work in Ubuntu. How would you install ANYTHING if these
didn't work, LOL? I wish you great luck in promoting Ubuntu, but don't
misleadingly dis the vanilla Ubuntu. I thinks it's got GREAT hardware
support. I agree 3D graphics, wireless  and webcams can be a problem,
but not the core components.

Andy Leeman
Londonderry, NS

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