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Paul Baranowski paul at
Tue Apr 8 16:50:29 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,
I've recently started a business selling customizable Ubuntu Desktops.  I
started this business because I love Ubuntu and believe in open source; I think
Linux is finally ready for the masses because of Ubuntu.  If you are looking to
buy a system where *all* the hardware works out-of-the-box, then please consider
a computer from Big Box Linux.  We are based in Toronto, ON.

The systems we offer come with the following software installed, over and above
the default Ubuntu install:
 * 3D Desktop effects
 * Hibernate & suspend support
 * Pre-installed codes and fonts
 * Wireless LAN & Bluetooth
 * Compatible printers
 * Skype & webcam support
 * DVD authoring tools
 * Flash player
 * Adobe Reader
 * Skype
 * Google Earth
 * Wine
 * 3D games (optional)
 * and more...

Each machine can be customized to your liking.  Feel free to give me a call if
you are interested, or check out the web page:

People often ask me "I thought just about everything works out of the box on
Linux, whats the problem?"

Here is a list of things which may not work under Linux if you buy any random
computer (I know because I've been testing the parts):
 * Motherboard (suspend/hibernate)
 * DVD drive (suspend/hibernate)
 * Hard drive (suspend/hibernate)
 * 3D graphics card
 * Ethernet port
 * Webcam
 * Wireless card
 * Printer

In short, you are only guaranteed your processor and RAM will work.

We also offer Linux and open source consulting for businesses, including
Asterisk VOIP and LAN setup.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week and keep spreading the Ubuntu love!

Paul Baranowski
Big Box Linux, Inc.
416-628-1252 (Fax)
paul at

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