ATI Radeon x850 XT Platinum Edition (Chris Powell)

Tee Jay Rosene teejayrosene at
Thu May 31 13:31:12 UTC 2007

Thanks. I'm going to try this out first, before delving into xorg editing.
Hopefully it works.
If not, I'll use Thomas McKay's solution.
Thank you both!

> > An even quicker way to resolve this issue is the great addition to the
> > 7.04 Distro.  I am not 100% familiar with Kubuntu (I am a gnome fan
> > myself) but there should be access to "Restricted Drivers Manager" in
> the
> > KDE control panel.  One click and it will install the fglrx drivers that
> > will expand your desktop real estate.

If it is not in the KDE Control Panel just fire up your package manager and
> search for fglrx.  Alternatively there is a very complete tutorial found
> here:
> Hope this helps.
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