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On Mon, 2007-28-05 at 12:21 -0400, R. Wood wrote:
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> Allegedly, on Mon, May 28, 2007 at 12:55:16PM -0300, Richard Seguin stated:
> > Hey would anyone out there know if there is an app that will take a
> > removable device like a USB key and compare the contents to a local
> > folder to see if there the same?
> > 
> > I save work off site on my USB key and I also do work on my local
> > machine,  it takes too long to find out what documents are newer or
> > have been updated.
> > 
> > Richard
> 'unison' is worth a look (I think the GUI package is 'unison-gtk' ?)
this is correct.  you can also just use rsync for this (man rsync) if
your needs are simple; i always sync my home and work computers at the
end/beginning of the day so i never lose track of stuff like this.
works better than a usb key, too, if you have 24-hour ssh access to a
machine, esp if you can stay with linux all the time (rsync can be a
pain to install on windows as i recall). 


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