booting problem 7.04

Rouben rouben at
Sun May 27 16:15:46 UTC 2007

Hello Laurie,

When you're getting the "out of scan range" message, can you try
pressing the following key combinations on your keyboard for me
please? Also, can you please tell us the make and model of your
monitor, as well as the size and type (e.g. mine is a Samsung
Syncmaster 151N, 15 inch, LCD flatpanel).

Here's how to do these properly (if you ever had to do the "three
finger salute", also known as "Control Alt Delete", this should be old

1. Hold down the Control/Ctrl (depents on keyboard) button.
2. Without releasing the Control/Ctrl button, hold down the Alt
button, so that both are down.
3. With both Control/Ctrl and Alt down at the same time, tap the other
key (whatever it happens to be, such as + or - in our case).

NOTE: Please make sure that you use the + and - key that's off to the
far right side of the keyboard (i.e. on the numeric keypad) and *not*
on top of the main section of the keyboard (where the letters are).

Control Alt +
Control Alt -

Normally when the video driver is setup, the installer probes your
monitor to figure out what video modes are supported. The reason why
you're seeing that error message is because the video driver or your
monitor mistakenly chose a video mode that the monitor can't handle.
The above two key combinations will instruct the video driver to try
different resolutions. When you do that your monitor may flicker and
perhaps even turn itself on and off, and hopefully as you do this, one
of the video modes it hits will work for you.

If this doesn't help, you should be able to exit out of the GUI and go
to text mode by using this key combination:

Control Alt F1

You can then login as yourself (note when you type your password, you
won't see anything on the screen, not even asterisks; that is normal).
Once in text mode, you can then troubleshoot the problem further (e.g.
edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf so that it uses the "nv" driver rather than
the "nvidia" driver that's giving you all this grief). We can focus on
that later, first let me know if video mode switching with the
keyboard helped or not.

Hope this helps!


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