High Speed Dial-up Internet Accelerator, Download Accelerator?

Alfred alfred.s at nexicom.net
Sun May 27 14:44:57 UTC 2007


I'm not making use of Windows at all, and just make use of Ubuntu
6.06-1. My Internet provider has this 19 X Download Accelerator, that
works only in Windows. I had asked them if there was something similar
for Linux. They put me in touch with the Company that provided that
software. I e-mailed that company, and never even got a reply. This
means that my downloads, are so slow that just a small file of a few
megs can take a whole day. There are lots of drop outs, etc. It does not
have to be 19 X, but something a bit faster than 30K even though most
times it says 56K, would be nice. 

I'm trying to learn some new things, and the Instruction Video's are so
slow loading, that most of the time I don't get to watch them. Is there
any Linux or Ubuntu Software that can give Dial-up this functionality,
to make it faster on 56K? We live about 1.2 KM from a T-1 Line, I've
looked at several options, but none of them work, only dial-up works.


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