Good Online Resources (help needed to open)

Richard Pullano richard.pullano at
Sat May 26 22:59:50 UTC 2007

I downloaded the "bible" rar file and tried to open it with "archive 
manager" and it would not open (wrong file type). I installed "7zip" as 
well as another archive program both of which say they support rar 
files. I went to use one of them and I cannot find them. I don't get a 
chance to select them when I choose to "open with other" programs. I 
checked "add and remove" and it shows them currently installed on my 
computer, I just don't know how to access them.
Can anyone help me out here, please?


Chris Powell wrote:
> That is why I love Ubuntu so much.  There is always such a plethora of 
> information available and for the less "ordained" there is more friendly 
> support than I ever found when I was a misguided Windows user.
> Chris Powell
> London, ON
> On 5/26/07, *Tee Jay Rosene* <teejayrosene at 
> <mailto:teejayrosene at>> wrote:
>     Thanks Victor, Daniel, and Chris! You have given me awesome
>     resources that I'll be reading and learning from for hours to come.
>     --
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