LoCo team starting in Fredericton New Brunswick/Independent study of local colleges - Request for comments

RIchard Seguin ubuntu at nb.sympatico.ca
Thu May 24 01:59:50 UTC 2007

In the next few months I will be attempting to put together an Ubuntu 
team for Fredericton New Brunswick.  I would be interested to know how 
other local groups around the country got started and what was done to 
promote our wonderful distribution. 

At the same time I am doing an independent evaluation of our local 
college here in Fredericton "CompuCollege".  I have just started a year 
and a half long course and I am interested to see how the current 
technology is being taught and if there is any mixture of 
linux/unix/solaris in with the Windows environment... Windows and Linux 
can actually make for a pretty good network if setup correctly, I just 
don't know if there is any institution in Canada that actually teaches 
how they can interconnect.  After each module I complete at the school I 
will give a little summary on what the linux community should know about 
courses like these.   This end report will not give any indication on 
the local institution, it will be a report on how the overall outlook is 
for people going through school now.   Essentially....  we need trained 
professionals... Who is providing the training?

I encourage any comments on the new proposed group and my study...

Richrad Seguin

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