help with changing hard disks

Myles Braithwaite myles at
Mon May 21 21:34:43 UTC 2007

I would suggest backing up the /home directory and then giving that to
the second hard drive. This is pretty simple thing to do just search the

Perry Heath wrote:
> Good Day:
> We have a dual boot P4 with Windows 2000 installed on the first ide
> hdd and Ubuntu 6.10 LTS installed on the 2nd. Since Ubuntu does
> everything we need so well, we no longer require the other OS. We wish
> to recover the space on the first hdd and give it to Ubuntu, but we
> need to do it without disturbing the contents of the current Ubuntu
> installation, if at all possible. We're pretty sure that grub is
> installed to the first hdd.
> Our question then is; Is this possible, and if so, can you help us
> discover how please ?
> Perry.

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