USB as Boot Drive and Setting up wireless

Preston Smith prbasmith at
Sat May 19 18:18:08 UTC 2007

Hi all,

With help from the replies I received concerning installation of Ubuntu 
on a USB drive, I have installed 7.04 on said drive.  While my HP Compaq 
Presario v2414 NR does allow me to set the USB drive to boot ahead of 
the Hard Drive, the BIOS resets the HD over the USB drive on reboot. 
Result is each time I want to boot into Ubuntu I must access the BIOS 
via F10 and change boot order.  Strange .....

When Ubuntu is up and running my wireless is not working.  My problem is 
that I want to use WPA2-PSK Net Authentication and TKIP data encryption. 
  Of course this works in XP - how do I do it in Ubuntu or am I stuck 
with WEP?



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