A legal music downloading service that works on Linux

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Fri May 18 12:17:00 UTC 2007

Great. I'm still a great fan of the likes of radioblogclub and imeem.
Streaming is where it's at.

How's Puretrack for price/quality?
On 18/05/07, Laszlo Pandy <laszlok2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Puretrack.ca announced back in February that is was going to start
> selling MP3 on their site as well as the usual DRM crippled WMA tracks
> that they had before. However on FAQ on their MP3 page[1], it says:
> Q:      Does this mean I can buy songs from Puretracks on a Mac?
> A:      Not yet. But we are definitely working on it.
> Since they say it doesn't work on the Mac I was disappointed and assumed
> it wouldn't work on Linux, but today I decided I would give it a try
> anyway and if it didn't work after I paid my money I would use my
> friend's computer to download it.
> Once I went through checkout and paid with my credit card, it takes you
> to a page with an ActiveX control to allow you to download your songs.
> Obviously that didn't work on Firefox, but I clicked on the link for the
> "alternate download" method and it took me to another page which let me
> download their downloadmanager.exe program. Then I simply ran the
> program with wine on the command line and everything started downloading:
> sudo apt-get install wine
> wine downloadmanager.exe
> Usually for me wine only works partially and crashes a lot, but this
> program worked flawlessly. I tried to crash it but I could not.
> All this means that for those willing, there is now a legal music
> downloading service that work on Linux. As far as I am aware (correct me
> if I'm wrong) this is a first in Canada (and probably further than that)
> for Linux. I just wanted to let everyone know, and I hope this info helps.
> Of course their selection of MP3's isn't that great because most labels
> still insist on DRM, however some of my favorite Canadian bands are
> already on that page such as Barenaked Ladies, Stars, The Arcade Fire,
> and Broken Social Scene. Hopefully EMI's music will be available without
> DRM soon too.
> Laszlo
> [1] http://www.puretracks.com/content/viewer.aspx?cid=GlobalNav_MP3
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