Problem with Thunderbird

David Harrison dharrison at
Wed May 16 17:23:13 UTC 2007

This is my first post to the list. I am fairly new to Ubuntu- have 
played around with it for a few months on my laptop.

Issue: I did a fresh install for 7.04, loaded Thunderbird 2.0 (using 
Automatix) decided I really didn't like it, loaded Thunderbird 1.5 which 
I was more familiar with. My issue: for some reason when MS WOrd 
documents are sent to me as file attachments, all I get is a file 
attachment called winmail.dat which (a) is not the file attachment that 
was sent, and (b) I can't open anyway.

However if I send myself a file attacment of an Open Office document, I 
can openit properly.

As I had the beta for Ubuntu 7.04 running prior to this and Thunderbird 
1.5 was able to handle Windows documents as file attachments properly, I 
wonder what I have forgotten to do, or is this a bug?

Dave Harrison

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