need help installing ubuntu. requesting in-person help

Alfred alfred.s at
Wed May 16 01:58:30 UTC 2007

I'm not a real Expert in 7.04. I have an Athalon-XP, and an Nvidia Card.
In Linux you got these Numbers of Versions. .0X means it is still a
Beta. So 6.04 was a Beta, while .10 means it has been so fixed up, it is
Stable. So 6.10 is Stable, while 7.04 is still Questionable. There may
still be things going to the bug list, for 7.04. Now some people like to
play with Beta Versions so they can find the Glitches and Bugs in that.
In 7.04 there was a bug with SATA Drives. Buy a new Drive these days and
it might not be an IDE DRive. While 6.10 did not have this Bug. 

Ask yourself, do you want to play detective, or have something that
works well? 

Works well - Put on 6.10. Detective, put on 7.04.

There are even some already playing with Ubuntu 8.?? That would be an
Alpha Version.


On Tue, 2007-15-05 at 18:14 -0700, ubunt2 at wrote:
> >Are you doing a live install or a text install?
> >  Have you tried doing a the text install.  That's usually what I do
> >  then when I first boot up I install
> >   xorg-driver-fglrx
> >   linux-restrictred-modules$(uname -r)
> I've been told in ubuntu irc that using text install would be a safer
> bet, but from my understanding my problem is not dependent on whether
> I use the Live or the Text install CD.
> To answer your question: I've just realized that I was using the
> desktop amd64 bit install. I guess I should try alternate/text CD for
> 32 bit systems, eh?

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