Bob Chandler bob at ve3sre.com
Thu Jul 5 03:06:06 UTC 2007

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> Hmmmm, Fluxubuntu sounds a bit like a heavier version of PuppyLinux, 
> which is what I am playing around with, given the limitations of my
> present machine, (P-2, 333 mhz sporting something like 80(?) megs of 
> Ram...)  Any advice?
> Don.

Sorry about my last post, I thought I'd edited out all of the old quotes
before hitting the "send" button.

Don, I have no experience at all with Fluxbuntu. I only know what I read
on the website.   They seem to be comparing it more to a server
optimized version of Ubuntu where you don't want to waste alot of
computer resources on a GUI and graphical applications...so you'll do
most of the work on the command line...lots of "apt-get install ...." ;)

BTW, I came across a page with a whole lot of "derrivative" distros of
Puppy Linux for various purposes.    I haven't tried any of them.

It's at:  http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/index.php?f=35



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