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Mon Jul 2 23:38:36 UTC 2007

On 7/2/07, Don and Mila Trombley <donmila at> wrote:
> I am interested in learning how to set up two or more versions of Linux
> (dual booting) using Lillo, but do not know how to get ahold of  it, or,
> if already included with Xubuntu (where is it?), and, how to use it?

you could use lilo.  But grub is probably a better option to get you
started.  And luck is that it is most probably already installed on
your system.  When you boot your version of Xubuntu you must have a
menu that first appear: usually on a Ubuntu system it contains entries
for  your version of  Xubuntu, possibly some older version of the
kernel, probably an option to boot in safe mode, and an option to
check your memory (ram; memcheck). At least that's the way and may
look in a default Ubuntu system.  That menu is controlled by grub.
And to dual boot your additional linux installations will need to
appear there as well (or Windows if your dual boot with that other

That grub menu is controlled by this file on your Xubuntu system:
You change it and it will affect that grub boot menu looks the next
time you boot your system.  It may make your system unbootable via
grub as well, so you have to a bit careful.

The wiki has a document that may help you going on understanding about
how grub works:

And this one has more info, from the angle of repairing your Grub setup:

Daniel Robitaille

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