Computer Engineering vs TIA certifications

Myles Braithwaite myles at
Sun Jul 1 23:58:58 UTC 2007

Sorry I am not really an employer but I am a consultant. An the  
answer would be on what I was doing. If I was administering a cluster  
of databases I would rather someone with experience in handling them  
and though I hate to admit it the only way I could really tell is if  
someone had a certification in that database. But lets say I was  
doing something a little less specify, like just build an application  
for a company that I would be in charge of everything, I would look  
for someone with less of a specified certification and more broad  

Though I am hearing that more employers are looking for people with  
certifications rather than a degree.

Myles A. Braithwaite
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On 30-Jun-07, at 2:49 PM, Richard Seguin wrote:

> Other then the Linux certification this is a little off topic...
> Some of you are employers out there, I would like your opinion.
> What do you value more? A degree (in my case it would be Computer
> Engineering) or 10 or 11 TIA certifications?
> Richard
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