Maurice Murphy m1625 at
Wed Jan 31 21:34:00 UTC 2007

I'm once again a really happy Ubuntu camper!  I managed to trick the 
installation process by setting my Windows screen resolution to maximum, 
doing a warm boot from the Ubuntu CD.  Apart from a barely noticeable 
variance from a true Human theme, all is well in that department.

Thanks to the many Ubuntu help sites, I now have a fully operational 
system with read/write privileges to all my old NTFS files.  I can play 
my videos, listen to my music, watch TV, etc. etc.  All is happiness in 
my Ubuntu world.  But I'm not going to tempt fate again by changing from 
my dual boot arrangement to a Ubuntu only set up.  That was some 
'orrible experience!  My analysis is that my box, or at least part of 
it, has a compatibility problem with Ubuntu, primarily in the video 
adapter department.

Anyway guys and gals, I'm really pleased to be back.  Many thanks for 
all your help in the past.  For those of you in Toronto, have fun at the 
Vista thingy!  Hope to see you all on the national news!

Maurice from Nepean
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