newbie query

Brian insanitywetrust at
Wed Jan 31 20:12:05 UTC 2007

Hi Don, and Thanks, i seem to have installed banshee ok... have not run
it yet, still looking at the ayttm chat ware, i foudn it from this page
of software that is similar to the windows version, and, from what i did
read at the ayttm website ::
this seems to be able to work with any of the major chat ware programs,
basically, i am looking to use a chat ware that can do voice chat with
ppl on both yahoo and msn.... if not, well, eventually someone will get
one set up and out there....

again, thanks Don.... i am thinkign my expectations did exceed the
outcome at first and well, other than this, i will try to remain calm
and not so windowish like before....

thanks for the time and have a great day!

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