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Don Kelly karfai at
Wed Jan 31 19:32:29 UTC 2007

On 1/31/07, Brian <insanitywetrust at> wrote:
> hello
> i just installed the ayttm chat ware using the command line, seems to
> have worked, but, alas, where do i launch this from? it is not in the
> Applications folder... so again, clueless here...

I don't have an idea what the software you're talking about is or
does.  I have found that only the "supported" applications will create
entries in the Applications menu.  IIRC, the "supported" applications
are those with an Ubuntu icon beside them in Synaptic.

You could try running the application using the command line.  To
figure out the contents of a package, use "dpkg -L <package name>".
This will list all of the files controlled by the package.  Typically
the "runnable" parts will be installed in /usr/bin.

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