Microsoft Ice House in Downtown Toronto

Borden Rhodes dominussuus at
Wed Jan 31 18:26:40 UTC 2007

Good afternoon!

Before our strategy session turns into a meeting of the People's Front of
Judea, I think we should mobilise our Tux immediately.  The house remains
open until this Saturday (Feb 3) so if a giant penguin isn't at Dundas
square by 5:00 PM tomorrow I think we should let this go unless someone has
a brilliant publicity stunt for Saturday.

Let's get our hands on a power supply for Tux ASAP.  If nobody has one, how
expensive are they to acquire? (you can tell I don't drive)

Next, I don't work Friday, Saturday, or this Thursday after 5:30 and I could
be pursuaded into to lending a laptop for a demo (I'm not sure whether the
laptop I have in mind has a burner).  Failing that, perhaps a love-in with
Tux and a space heater would work just fine.  Do we have any liturature for
anyone passing by wondering what a giant penguin is doing next to an ice

I'll check with my sister on the legalities of peaceful assembly in Dundas
Square.  I can't imagine that it would be any different than assembling in a
park providing the space isn't already booked.

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