Microsoft Ice House in Downtown Toronto

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Wed Jan 31 17:23:21 UTC 2007

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Jane Zhang wrote:
> Hello all,
> I just got back from a recon mission at the ice house. (it was
> really hard to keep a straight face through out the "tour" they
> offered inside)
> Here's the deal, all of their computers and laptops are running just
> fine inside the ice house, it might be a degree or two warmer inside
> but not really. Most of their machines including the plasma TVs
> seems fine. (temp outside today is around -6 degrees) I have a
> feeling our laptops will be fine. Since the house is pretty small,
> they like to keep a line-up outside, this might be the best location
> for us to set up. :-) I would recommend going just after noon or
> around 4ish as the temp is warmer and the crowds larger.
> .... so as soon as Tux is sorted out... just let me know and I'll be
> there. :-)
> Jane
> Alfred wrote:
>> In the short Term, a battery might be a fix. In the long term, a Cube
>> Van, dolled up with Logo's that can be affixed in a few minutes, much
>> like the Dangerous Chemicals Notices that you see on Trucks. Extra Deep
>> Charge Battery, Inverter, Lighting, Heater, Rear Door - Ramp. Fold up
>> Table inside, Plugs for outdoor Tux Etc. Might be the way to go, then
>> when you want to do an Demo on the street, you just affix the signs,
>> over top of what the Cube Van was used for the rest of the time, and
>> it's ready to go right away. Hughes Aircraft, is doing Demo's of the
>> High Speed Internet Sat Up-and Down Link in a truck like this. They just
>> Park it somewhere, Plug into Hydro, or Turn on the Inverter, and it's
>> ready to Do the Job! Then You pull off the signs Fold up the Table, now
>> it can be used for other things, after the Demo! Just a Thought. No 1/2
>> a week to get things together. Hear of an event, set it up in an hour,
>> and drive it there. Ready to go!
>> Alfred!
>> On Wed, 2007-31-01 at 07:20 -0500, Dave Sullivan wrote:
>>> Does anybody in Toronto have access to a car battery, or some kind of
>>> battery? David Patrick has everything to run 10-foot Tux except for a
>>> source! Anyone?
>>> On Wednesday 31 January 2007 02:08, Brian Burger wrote:
>>>> On 1/30/07, Anthony Yarusso <tonyyarusso at> wrote:
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>>>>> Dave Sullivan wrote:
>>>>>> On Tuesday 30 January 2007 22:09, Darren Zawislak wrote:
>>>>>>> Jane Zhang wrote:
>>>>>>>> How is Microsoft keeping their machines running then? perhaps we
>>>>>>>> should pitch our own tent?
>>>>>>>> When are we planning to make our move?
>>>>>>> I am really appreciating all of your enthusiasm right now. :)   A
>>>>>>> suggestion to consider, and it might not be the best, but if/when you
>>>>>>> are minutes away from being set up, would calling a local
newspaper to
>>>>>>> document the event be a good idea?
>>>>>>> Also watch out that you do not obstruct entrances and exits too
>>>>>>> or are on private property. Then you have free reign to cause as much
>>>>>>> mayhem as possible. I wish I could see this....... what a riot! :)
>>>>>> I'll take pics if we go through with it. Can always send the pics
in to
>>>>> the
>>>>>> local newsroom. Technically, Yonge/Dundas Square could be considered
>>>>> private
>>>>>> property... I think. But meh! We can stay until we're asking to
leave I
>>>>>> suppose :)
>>>>> Let's get those pics up afterwards too.  I'd be happy to blog (and
>>>>> Planet) the plan (and host pics) once someone sends a coherent plan
>>>>> (like a mini press release), and someone could ask Madpilot about the
>>>>> ubuntu-ca site.  Let me know what comes of this - it sounds exciting!
>>>> I can certainly put something up on
>>>> , as soon as there is something semi-concrete to put up.
>>>> I'll actually be home most of tomorrow (the mixed blessings of a cold
>>>> that will not &^%@* go away) so
>>>> if something gets thrashed out for 'immediate action' I can stick it
up on
>>>> .ca soonest!
>>>> Brian
>>>> ("Madpilot" on IRC...)
>>> --
>>> Dave Sullivan
>>> dave at
>>> 647-235-0328
I'll get home from class at 4:30 today, so if you're going just after
four or something, drop me a line to help get the word out.  (You'd be
amazed at how quickly Planet posts hit Google, btw)
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