Microsoft Ice House in Downtown Toronto

Jane Zhang jane at
Wed Jan 31 17:02:07 UTC 2007

Hello all,

I just got back from a recon mission at the ice house. (it was really 
hard to keep a straight face through out the "tour" they offered inside)

Here's the deal, all of their computers and laptops are running just 
fine inside the ice house, it might be a degree or two warmer inside but 
not really. Most of their machines including the plasma TVs seems fine. 
(temp outside today is around -6 degrees) I have a feeling our laptops 
will be fine. Since the house is pretty small, they like to keep a 
line-up outside, this might be the best location for us to set up. :-) I 
would recommend going just after noon or around 4ish as the temp is 
warmer and the crowds larger.

.... so as soon as Tux is sorted out... just let me know and I'll be 
there. :-)


Alfred wrote:
> In the short Term, a battery might be a fix. In the long term, a Cube
> Van, dolled up with Logo's that can be affixed in a few minutes, much
> like the Dangerous Chemicals Notices that you see on Trucks. Extra Deep
> Charge Battery, Inverter, Lighting, Heater, Rear Door - Ramp. Fold up
> Table inside, Plugs for outdoor Tux Etc. Might be the way to go, then
> when you want to do an Demo on the street, you just affix the signs,
> over top of what the Cube Van was used for the rest of the time, and
> it's ready to go right away. Hughes Aircraft, is doing Demo's of the
> High Speed Internet Sat Up-and Down Link in a truck like this. They just
> Park it somewhere, Plug into Hydro, or Turn on the Inverter, and it's
> ready to Do the Job! Then You pull off the signs Fold up the Table, now
> it can be used for other things, after the Demo! Just a Thought. No 1/2
> a week to get things together. Hear of an event, set it up in an hour,
> and drive it there. Ready to go!
> Alfred!
> On Wed, 2007-31-01 at 07:20 -0500, Dave Sullivan wrote:
>> Does anybody in Toronto have access to a car battery, or some kind of large 
>> battery? David Patrick has everything to run 10-foot Tux except for a power 
>> source! Anyone?
>> On Wednesday 31 January 2007 02:08, Brian Burger wrote:
>>> On 1/30/07, Anthony Yarusso <tonyyarusso at> wrote:
>>>> Hash: SHA1
>>>> Dave Sullivan wrote:
>>>>> On Tuesday 30 January 2007 22:09, Darren Zawislak wrote:
>>>>>> Jane Zhang wrote:
>>>>>>> How is Microsoft keeping their machines running then? perhaps we
>>>>>>> should pitch our own tent?
>>>>>>> When are we planning to make our move?
>>>>>> I am really appreciating all of your enthusiasm right now. :)   A
>>>>>> suggestion to consider, and it might not be the best, but if/when you
>>>>>> are minutes away from being set up, would calling a local newspaper to
>>>>>> document the event be a good idea?
>>>>>> Also watch out that you do not obstruct entrances and exits too badly,
>>>>>> or are on private property. Then you have free reign to cause as much
>>>>>> mayhem as possible. I wish I could see this....... what a riot! :)
>>>>> I'll take pics if we go through with it. Can always send the pics in to
>>>> the
>>>>> local newsroom. Technically, Yonge/Dundas Square could be considered
>>>> private
>>>>> property... I think. But meh! We can stay until we're asking to leave I
>>>>> suppose :)
>>>> Let's get those pics up afterwards too.  I'd be happy to blog (and
>>>> Planet) the plan (and host pics) once someone sends a coherent plan
>>>> (like a mini press release), and someone could ask Madpilot about the
>>>> ubuntu-ca site.  Let me know what comes of this - it sounds exciting!
>>> I can certainly put something up on
>>> , as soon as there is something semi-concrete to put up.
>>> I'll actually be home most of tomorrow (the mixed blessings of a cold
>>> that will not &^%@* go away) so
>>> if something gets thrashed out for 'immediate action' I can stick it up on
>>> .ca soonest!
>>> Brian
>>> ("Madpilot" on IRC...)
>> -- 
>> Dave Sullivan
>> dave at
>> 647-235-0328

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