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Wed Jan 31 16:03:44 UTC 2007

On 1/31/07, Brian <insanitywetrust at> wrote:
> hmm, ok, i downloaded the yahoo messenger deb file from the yahoo site

According to the forums link I sent in the previous response, this
package is QUITE old.  They recommend something called "GYachI"
(  I don't think this package is
available in the main Ubuntu repositories.  There is an Ubuntu package
on their downloads page, though.  You can installed that using the
procedures we've discussed in this thread.

I don't use Yahoo IM at all, so I have no idea if this software can do
voice for Yahoo IM.

> sounds like there is got to be at least one program out of the 18000
> that will do this and more....

There may be mitigating reasons why there are no free software
implementations of the voice portion of Yahoo IM.  For instances, the
various IM services often break their communications protocol in order
to intentionally deny access to the service from third-party
applications (which is all free software that can "speak" Yahoo IM).
Yahoo has done this in the past.

Unfortunately, this means that you have to rely on the service
provider to keep their approved package up-to-date.  In this case, it
seems to me that Yahoo has not kept their Debian package current.

This is one of the powerful features of free software: if the original
author decides to stop maintaining the program, another author can
step up to continue the support (if there is continued demand).  The
Yahoo client that they maintain is NOT free software.  If they cease
maintenance, you're out of luck.

> thanks for this link
> finding lots of stuff there, of course, no idea still how to get them to
> install and work....

Use the Synaptic package manager available in the System menu.  This
tool has the same search functionality as the packages website.  I'm
assuming that you have the full Ubuntu Desktop GUI functioning.  Your
desktop should have looked something like the first screen-shot at  In fact, you can even see the "System"
menu in the screenshot.

Don Kelly/

Don Kelly
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