ubuntu blues

Brian insanitywetrust at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 31 15:21:18 UTC 2007

can some experienced ubuntu user help out

feeling like i been set up here

everytime i try to install some of this supposed free software, i keep
getting error message after erro message, and now, i cannot go back to
windows as i have completely formatted both towers twice and because
they are both them dell ready made cds, they do not actually install
naything worthy of win xp...

so, i am here, trying desperately to maintain a level of sanity, but, no
help to be found at the ubuntu forums, and so far, cryptic lines about
vague descriptions.... are i am seeing for how to install softwares...

if i can just get like three software to install correctly, i can
actually start using this computer for more than 'help me emails'

you know the matrix, and the red/blue pills? i took the red pill and now
where the **** is morpheous and that constuct thingy they stick in the
back of the head, i need to learn all i can yesterday, never mind

yeh, i tried my best to make this not so rantish... how'd i do?

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