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Allegedly, on Tue, Jan 30, 2007 at 10:17:00PM -0800, Brian stated:
> cool, thanks! and first... i have the deb file for yahoo messenger, it
> is on the desktop, and i came across a command line to install this,

On the command-line (CLI = Command Line Interface) any .deb file can be
installed with:
  sudo dpkg -i filename.deb
sudo is only necessary if you are not already 'root/superuser'; '-i' is
short for 'install'; I can never remember for some reason whether to
include the '.deb' extension, but you can just try either with or
without until you find the one that works :-)

> but i think i need to get the deb file into the right folder if i am
> not mistaken, 

No, it does not matter where the .deb file is currently located; you
just need to find the file's location on the CLI.  Often the location
/usr/local/src is used to keep 'custom software' of various kinds, but
it is not mandatory.

> but oh well, moving on... i will look at them links supplied and what
> is irc, is that a chat program?

irc = Internet Relay Chat.  'xchat' is a good IRC client program to
start out with if you like the GUI (graphical user interface), and as
someone else mentioned, 'irssi' is an excellent 'terminal-based' IRC
client (my favourite at the moment :-)

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