Microsoft Ice House in Downtown Toronto

Borden Rhodes dominussuus at
Wed Jan 31 04:35:10 UTC 2007

I like the idea of a CD drop the most.  I only have about 10 6.06 CDs and
another 10 5.10 CDs.  If we were able to pool all of our discs together we
may be able to feed a crowd of 100... for a couple of minutes.  That's where
my idea of having a burning machine set up came from and get people to bring
their own media since I'm not prepared to shell out $70 on a spindle
(besides, these sheep are getting ready to unload $400+ on their OSes).
David Patrick's right, though, it doesn't make great PR to say 'free as in
get your own CD!'

It seems that super rubber Tux is our best option at rescue and, if so, we
should have him ready for the evening rush hour. The thing about media in
Toronto is that they always find you... especially downtown with police on
duty just in time for the 6:00 news.

Microsoft, surprise, surprise, is keeping their house air conditioned with a
pair of massive generators connected to who knows what outside.  I think
asking to borrow power off them is out of the question.

A final option is to have some live entertainment for all the people
waiting.  Lots of ideas come to mind on that one, but no good ones.

If anyone's worried about legalities of 'peaceful assembly' my sister's a
criminal defense lawyer who has a rottweiller and shops regularly at the
Caffe.  She'll help us out :P

Borden Rhodes
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