Microsoft Ice House in Downtown Toronto

Alfred alfred.s at
Wed Jan 31 02:48:12 UTC 2007

With the Cold, there may be problems with an LCD Display Freezing and
Shattering from the cold. It is a liquid, between two layers of glass. 

A CRT might work better, in the cold. Computers like to be working in
around 60F Degrees to 90F Degrees at best. Some parts in computers don't
work to good at lower temperatures.


On Tue, 2007-30-01 at 21:36 -0500, David J Patrick wrote:
> On 30/01/07, Borden Rhodes <dominussuus at> wrote:
> > Do we have a Tux that doesn't need batteries?
> nothing over 2' tall
> > How about a couple of laptops that can brave the freezing cold and get
> > people to bring their own rewriteables to get Ubuntu?
> sounds c c c c cold !
> > Can one of us dress up like a penguin?
> you're thinking of 6' tux; the suit
> an upcoming production of our little sweat shop.
> >  Can we light a bonfire right next door to the ice house?
> you have a better chance of finding someone who's linux curious, is
> carrying their CDRW, and can use a laptop with mittens, within the 42
> minutes your laptop batteries survive outside, than getting away with
> startin a fire downtown.
> > Do you know where your children are?
> as yet, unconceived, so, yes.
> djp
> OK, I have the inverter and the fan and the giant penguin, all we need
> is a charged car battery and voila ! instant scene !
> Who wants to be an official penguin wrangler ?
> djp
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> djp at
> geek chic and caffe cachet
> 326 Harbord Street,
> Toronto, M6G 3A5,
> (416) 534-2116

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